About Markit Apparrel

About Markit Apparel

With innovative, cutting edge technology, industry experience, Markit Apparel is one of the leading computer apparel CAD service in Melbourne. A complete understanding of both garment design and manufacturing enables a broad range of services including pattern design, grading, marking and detailed technical packages. Our state of the art computer systems allows clients the quick response time necessary in today's ever changing market. And with the ability to import and export files into other formats, we are able to extend our services to companies just needing help with overflow work. For a list of current services, please refer to our price list.




All patterns are either entered or created in our computer systems for increased accuracy, ease of modification and quick access. We utilize one of the leading computer systems in the apparel industry both in the Australia and overseas. This enables our clients to have the added advantage of instant transfer of patterns through the web to domestic or overseas contractors.


Pattern Digitising is often the first step into digitisation. It is a small but important step in production. Inaccuracies on the digitised pattern shape can generate disastrous results on the final product. Having a precise and reliable digitizing system is crucial for the production and manufacturing process of a product. Markit Apparel uses both state of patented camera digitising and manual digitising table.


Our state of the art computer equipment, combined with the vast knowledge of our grading enables us to turn graded patterns quickly and accurately. Patterns are graded to customer specified requirements, or work with you to establish your own grade rules based on an analysis of your sample size and your specific target market. A graded nest with all pieces will be provided to you for your approval. Once approved, the pattern is ready for marking, or may be sent via the internet to your overseas contractor.

Lay Planning and Marker Making

Manage the cost of garment production with efficient lay planning services. Whether you are looking for computerised marker making for mass production or would rather go for the manual competence, we have got you covered. We use Gerber AccuMarkCAD and other marker making software packages.

Costing – E-markers

Material consumption can be easily calculated using our computer software to estimate fabric requirements based on your order projections.

Plotting and Cardboard Patterns

Patterns are plotted with seam allowances applied using Gerber XLP inkjet plotter. Markers are plotted with either Gerber XLP plotter or AccuPlot pen plotters, only the cutting lines and annotations are plotted. Cardboard patterns are cut using a computer controlled pattern cutter, this ensures accurate and consistent patterns.

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